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Summer Series: Table Cloth Print

Before, when I was still discovering my personal style, I used to get really affected and easily offended from the snide remarks people would give about what I wear. From the simple “Oh, bat nabutas yung T-shirt mo” when I’m wearing a  cold-shoulder top to the insinuating “saan ang party naten” when I’m wearing a dress in some kind of a leopard print. “Are you wearing your table cloth?” I’d immediately ask a friend, “hala pangit ba suot ko?”
There came a point where I would ditch all the eye catchy styles and prints and just go basic. Boring but safe!

But I asked myself, “if other girls can dress up with pride, why can’t I?” So, no matter how insecure I was, I started trying on different styles again until I’ve found out what works best for me. I figured that my personal style is casual, chic and everything in between.

My comfort pieces have been any neutrals, denims, some blush pinks and baby blues in varied textures and details. I’d only wear heels. Nude heels to be exact. And from then on, I seldom get to wear prints except for the classic stripes.

But life is too short to stay in our comfort zones. 

And I missed wearing colorful prints. That is why today, I took advantage of the gingham/table cloth trend and went all out with a terno top and pants. I felt my mood went up! I felt like a whole new person again. Donning a statement ensemble  like this once in a while sure feels empowering. I will probably incorporate more prints and more colors into my outfits again from now on.

Needless to say, we just have to learn the art of not giving a **** about what people think or say about us and the way we dress. If we feel good about what we wear, as long as we’re being modest, we’re fine. And let’s not forget our best and most valuable accessory, confidence!

What kind of clothes are you most comfortable wearing? And what would you dare try out?

Style means being curious and having the confidence to choose what you love. – Oma Ford


Outfit Deets:

  • Korean head piece – Ilahui
  • checkered terno – Folded & Hung
  • nude platform stilletos – Parisian

Photographed by: @itsjoycesalvador

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