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Summer Series: Something Fresh

I just love clothes. I don’t know why. What comes into my mind as payday comes? Clothes shopping! Well, that is of course, aside from dining out. There’s just something about buying clothes that brings me so much happiness. Even if I’m only able to purchase just one classic piece to add to my collection such as a versatile pair of pants.

Actually, I’m trying hard to forgo clothes shopping to save up some more. I have fulfill my dream of having my own home someday. But I find it is just not 100% possible. ‘Cause I’m a girl. Now that is a valid excuse, don’t you think? We girls are stylists and shoppers by nature. Come on now girls, back me up!

Versatile Pieces

As a fair compromise, whenever I buy clothes, I make sure that it would be a wise investment. Quality and versatility are the things I consider. I should be able to wear them a hundred ways for more than a hundred days. And, of course, it has to match my personal style.

This outfit I’m sharing with you today is made up of those versatile pieces I’m truly proud of having purchased. Great for any season, perfect for summer!

Outfit Details

  • dressy floral blouse – Liberte
  • white square pants – Folded & Hung
  • nude heels – Parisian

Square pants are a legend! They’re the best example of a comfortable yet effortlessly stylish piece. No wonder why it’s becoming a wardrobe staple these days. Make it white and I bet you’ll find yourself wearing it more than any other pants you have in your closet. What kind of tops do you guys pair it with? We’ve been wearing square pants with fitted shirts and sleeveless tops by default. But today, I went for my three-year old dressy A-line blouse in floral print which I think complements the flow of the square pants’ fabric really well. It looks fresh and put-together!

This whole outfit is so versatile it can also pass as a corporate look. I’ve actually worn it in the office once along with a shawl. Don’t you guys love versatile outfits too?

“You don’t need to follow trends to be stylish.”- Naomie Harris


Photo taken by: @itsjoycesalvador

2 thoughts on “Summer Series: Something Fresh”

  1. that “you dont need to follow trends to be stylish” is sooooooo accurate. ewan ko ba di ko rin kasi bet ibang umu uso ngayon, e. bet yung outfitttt, (i love light colors din kasi) bagay na bagay sayo pero nakoooo pag sakin yan nyahahahahaha muka akong tae

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