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Stylish Dresses to Add to Your Collection ft. Sofistikada Clothing

Hey girls! What’s in your 2018 bucket list? One of the items I’ve recently ticked off from my list is “to add some color in my wardrobe”. Because I wanna make 2018 colorful and exciting! So will I finally let go of my little black dress and little white dress? Of course, NOT! They’re for keeps. They’re classics. Instead, I’ll add colorful versions of them just to elevate my closet’s palette. AND of course, the more options, the merrier! Check out these ones I received from Sofistikada Clothing.

Office Uniform Dress

The figure flattering dress that screams “corporate” with its stylish collar and minimal shade of grey. Speaking of corporate, congratulate me guys, because I am finally starting on my new office job next week! Yep, you heard it right. New year, new job (thank you, Lord!). And this dress will always be my savior for when I am running late for work (knock on wood).

The Red Dress

If there’s one thing that was missing in my closet, it was it. That modestly sexy red dress that’s perfect for a romantic dinner date. Sofistikada‘s ruffled collar detail made it even more sophisticated. And this one’s boyfriend approved.

Ruffled Off-the-Shoulder Dress

I think this dress is best for wedding, glam parties and other formal occassions. Although, I wore this during my date with my boyfriend last Saturday in celebration of our 11th month. I’m loving off-the-shoulder tops nowadays. Love how they accentuate collarbones which is kind of sexy.
These dresses from Sofistikada Clothing are effortlessly stylish. The only way to style them more is to accessorize and match with a nice pair of shoes.
Which one is your favorite?

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