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What’s Special About Lampe Berger – The Decorative Fragrance Lamp

Hey guys, in case you’re wondering how I’m dong, I’m good. I’m just busy at the moment doing a room makeover. Partly because my room has been a total mess for the past few weeks now – because I’ve been preoccupied with lots of stuff that I’ve totally neglected my room.¬† And partly to have a good background for my YouTube videos (in case I’ll be doing this regularly).

As part of my room’s interior design and ambiance, I’m adding the Lampe Berger, a decorative fragrance lamp that cleanses and purifies the air! Girl, this is some serious awesomeness!

First Time To Hear About and Use Lampe Berger Perfume Lamp!

I got introduced to Lampe Berger just recently in a blogger’s conference a few days ago. So this is the first time I’m using it and I’m very excited! They say it improves the air quality, hence your overall well-being. Well, let’s see!

Watch my video for the unboxing and how to use it.


I got somethin’ for you! If in case you also want one for yourself, use my promo code: KATRINA when you order from to get Php 200.00 off for every Php 1,000.00 worth of purchase.

Parfum Berger

Wait, there’s more! I also got this Parfum Berger (a product of Lampe Berger) with the lily shaped ceramic diffuser. Now I’m obsessed with the powdery floral scent this baby emits!

Products sponsored by Lampe Berger Philippines

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