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The One Question That Scares Me the Most

Happy Birthday to me (last week)! I can’t believe I’m already this oooold!!!

I have never had any problems answering the question “how old are you”. Ask me and I will answer you straight away without any hesitations. Although sometimes, when I feel like it, I would lie and tell people I’m 5 years younger than I actually am. Just to see if I can get away with it. Funny how I always get people to believe me every time. Haha!

Sometimes, I would let them guess. They’d always say I look like a teenager. I used to get annoyed by it (don’t ask me why), but over time I learned to take it as a compliment.

Believe it or not, I am already 28 years old. I just look like a baby because of my height, my physique and the baby fats all over my face.

The Question That Scares Me the Most

Answering how old I am is easy peasy. But you know what question scares me the most? It’s the “where-do-you-see-yourself-five-years-from-now” question. My gosh. Next question please!

That question scares me because somehow it gives pressure to accomplish something big within that time frame. But what if I fail? Or what if I reached my goals only in the sixth year? Or tenth year? People have their own different paces in life don’t they?

Three months ago, I was asked by our company’s recruitment manager that exact same question. And I honestly can’t remember how I answered it. Lucky me I passed the interview. Thank God.

Starting Late in Life

Five years from now, I will be 33. That’s all I could think of. At this age, people are already getting married, have already established careers, and having their babies (this, I am not yet ready for)! Some of my friends are already venturing on businesses. Me? I feel like I’ve just started the adult life. I feel like I’ve started late. And this blog is not even close to booming. I’m still getting to know who I really am, if that makes sense.

I just started on my new job. It’s already the fifth company I joined in my four years of working, yet my first decent job as an accountant so far. Although I stil don’t see myself retiring from that company, I can finally see myself staying there for a long term. Yes! Finally! An achievement, right?

“When are you getting married.” I’m starting to hear this more often just then. I always answer “soon”. But you know what? I’m not in a rush. I’m still enjoying my single life and my life as a blogger — getting creative, attending events, working with brands, meeting lots of people. Although my boyfriend and I intend to get married someday, we are both currently working on our dreams.

Where I am Right Now

One thing I am really proud of is my financial discipline. I have financial goals. Yes, I love shopping, going out, and eating all sorts of food. I enjoy life! But I know how to save. Because of that, I feel secured. And that’s something. Right?

Thinking about the future is important, but it’s also important to cherish the present moment. And that’s where I am right now.

So, back to the question. Where do I see myself five years from now?


Life is full of uncertainty. But I know for sure I’ll be able to get somewhere.

Thank you for taking time to read my musings. I really appreciate it! ‘Til next time.

Outfit Deets:

  • black laced blouse – Dorothy Perkins
  • black square pants – H&M
  • nude heels – Parisian
  • necklace – H&M

Location: Pinto Art Museum (where I celebrated my birthday with friends Cassey, Janine and Al)

Photos of me by: @casseyreyes

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