The Sleek Effect Aims to Give You

A lot of style ideas and inspiration!


My Style

My style varies depending on my mood (yes, I am a moody kind of girl). Sometimes I’m in for a dainty look, other times I go for a classic chic, and there are also times I just go basic. My wardrobe’s color palette are mostly neutrals but my love for pink would never die so there’d be different shades of pink every now and then.

I thought it is a great idea to share my style through this blog and give inspirations to other girls who loves dressing up as well.


A Little Something About Myself

I’m Kat. Just like anybody else, I work as a full-time employee for 9 to 10 hours a day, five days a week. And yes, I always look forward to paydays when I can finally go on a shopping spree again. I turn to fashion/style and blogging as my creative outlet which enables me to express my creative side and my true personality amidst the very strict professional environment.

Aside from that, I am a foodie, a sweet tooth, a cookie monster, a coffee junkie, pet lover, cafe addict, a dancer, sometimes a dieter, and a frustrated pastry chef.